Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm on the verge of ending a year of studying fine arts, so I figure I should start a new blog in the hope that working under my own name rather than an internet handle might encourage me to be more productive.

A slight change in the enforcement of my own attitudes towards the end of this year has seen me become a bit more interested in my assignments at TAFE, so I'll post a few things I have just on hand - because these aren't quite as embarrassing as the stuff I've been producing throughout the rest of the year. They're still sufficiently 'fine-arts school-y' enough for me to want to delete them before too long, I imagine.
This is the beginnings oof my final drawing assignment - we have to create an artist's book based on the idea of wearable items, or something to that effect. It's vague enough (and provided you know just how to justify your choices) that you can essentially get away with doing almost anything. Mine will eventually be a collection of quick sketches, hopefully with more legs, progressively getting more and more fantasy based. Striking home how badly I need to get to some life drawing classes right about now.

This is from last year, but I'm kind of fond of it. It's an ouroborous I never got around to finishing done while I was on a John Howe bender. I'd like to finish it one day, then paint it larger. I need to fix his tail.

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